Killa Cold X Mint Extra Strong AW (All White)

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Mint with a hint of menthol is reminiscent of traditional Swedish snus. KILLA Cold Mint is suitable for intense types who want that little bit extra. Cold X Mint is one of the strongest nicotine pouches on the market and is therefore only suitable for experienced consumers.

The KILLA Cold X Mint nicotine pouches have a strength of 18 milligrams of nicotine per portion. This puts them in the "extra strong" category. One tray contains 20 servings in a slim format. These slim pouches fit perfectly under the upper lip, so you are always discreet. That's why KILLA Cold X Mint is always available: whether at work or when going out.

Snus type: All White
Strength: 3/5
Flavor: Mint
Nicotine content: 16 mg/g
Tobacco substitute per can: 16 g
Pouch size: Slim
Pouches per can: 20

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