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There are many benefits to quitting smoking. We have summarized the details for you and offer the alternatives to cigarettes.


Quit Smoking: Benefits + Alternatives | Snushus

Quitting smoking has many health benefits, but your health isn't the only thing that improves over time.

Quitting smoking also has a positive effect on the psyche, appearance and, of course, on the wallet. If you haven't found the motivation to quit smoking yet, take a good look at the benefits.


Quitting smoking Benefits: Health


Smoking can increase the risk of a number of diseases, the most common being cancer, especially lung cancer. In addition to cancer, smoking can also promote heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and chronic bronchitis.

But that's not all, because in addition to the diseases, the quality of life also deteriorates due to smoking and Studies show that smokers lose an average of 10 years of their lifespan.


What happens in the body?


Just 20 minutes of quitting smoking will cause your blood pressure to drop back to normal. After 12 hours, the carbon monoxide level in the blood decreases and organs can be better supplied with oxygen. With the increasing oxygen supply, the performance curve also goes up again.

After a few weeks, lung function improves and circulation becomes more stable. After a few months, coughing fits and shortness of breath subside, and the lungs begin to cleanse themselves by gradually breaking down mucus.

After a few years, the risk of cancer drops by half, as does the risk of stroke. After 15 years, the risk of coronary heart disease is already as low as that of a non-smoker. So perseverance is definitely worth it.


Quitting smoking Benefits: Psyche


Quitting smoking also offers psychological benefits. Withdrawal seems to be mentally challenging at first, as the body and brain have already become very accustomed to the daily intake of tobacco. But little by little, you will notice that your mental health is improving and that quitting smoking has been worth it.

Many smokers find it stressful to have to smoke all the time. The brain and body send signals that it's time for the next cigarette. After smoking withdrawal, this falls away and the withdrawal symptoms subside over time. Furthermore, you don't have to be constantly on the lookout for cigarette vending machines and can focus on other aspects of life.

Last but not least, you don't have to leave the building to smoke. You can spend time in the restaurant with friends or family.


Quitting smoking Benefits: Appearance and finances


Smoking can negatively affect our appearance. Discoloration on the nails, fingers, and teeth is a common problem. In addition, the skin also suffers extremely, because the toxic substances in the cigarette attack the cells and lead to a change in our complexion and a faster formation of wrinkles.

Another important advantage is finances. To get a detailed overview of how much money is spent on cigarettes each month, you can list the expenses. The money you could save on cigarettes is a very good motivator to quit smoking.


Quit smoking Cons: Withdrawal symptoms


Of course, quitting smoking is a big change for the body and is not without withdrawal symptoms. In order to successfully quit smoking, it is necessary to survive the 7 phases after smoking withdrawal. Among the most common symptoms is increased irritability and aggressiveness.

When the body is no longer supplied with nicotine on a daily basis, the brain produces less adrenaline and serotonin, which have a rewarding effect on our psyche. In addition, dopamine, the so-called happiness hormone, is also missing, which is why many smokers have to struggle with negative moods after quitting smoking.

In addition, the body may react to withdrawal with headaches, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, increased appetite and tremors.

How long these symptoms last varies from person to person and depends on how long you smoked before. However, according to the experience of former smokers, they decrease after about six to ten days after quitting smoking.



Snus as an alternative to smoking


Snus is often used as an alternative to smoking because there is no combustion process when using snus orally and the health consequences can be minimized compared to cigarettes.

Snus is available with different nicotine contents, for example the brand edel has a particularly high proportion of up to 20 mg/g. In comparison, there are also snus with less nicotine, such as VELO Easy Mint Mini with 6 mg/g.

Since cold turkey is recommended for smokers who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, snus can be a good alternative for gradual withdrawal. Snus can even be bought completely without nicotine, because noble CBD Mint contains no nicotine at all.