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Siberia is the strongest snus in the world - and now you can buy Siberia All White Extremely Strong Super Slim, the tobacco-free alternative! Treat yourself to the brand with the incredibly high nicotine content of 33 mg/g for an extremely strong invigorating effect. That's 21 mg of nicotine per discreet Super Slim serving! The ice-cold mint flavour goes with it - really Siberian cold!

The filling of the tobacco-free Siberia All White Nicotine Pouches consists of plant fibres, so these portions hardly run and taste all the longer. Another advantage is that your teeth stay white thanks to the tobacco-free carrier material in the pouches.

Snus type: All White
Strength: 5/5
Flavor: Mint
Nicotine content: 33 mg/g
Tobacco substitute per can: 11 g
Pouch size: Mini
Pouches per can: 22

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